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For ICMAP Students

PIPFA has launched Gateway Examination for ICMAP students passed up to ML + Business Taxation (SL1) or equivalent. Passing of this Gateway will result in direct PIPFA Qualification and eligibility for PIPFA Membership subject to fulfilling its pre-requisites.


The students of ICMA Pakistan passed up to ML + passing of Business Taxation (SL1) or equivalent are eligible for getting registered in Gateway Scheme.

Fee Structure

The fee for Computer Based Gateway Examination (CBGE) would be Rs. 20,000/-, while students will be required to pay registration fee and exemption fee amount to Rs. 4,500 and Rs. 22,500 (Concessional Exemption fee) respectively.

Salient Features

  • The questions will be set from PIPFA prescribed syllabus
  • There will be no mandatory classes for Gateway Examination. Those students who are willing to take classes may take regular classes of PIPFA subject to fulfilling its pre-requisites
  • Gateway Examination would be conducted twice a year just in line with regular exams
  • Students may opt for regular papers rather than Gateway
  • There will be no restriction on retaking the Gateway Examination
  • Passing criteria would be 50%
  • Gateway Exam Duration 3 Hours
  • Students will go through normal procedure of registrations and Exemption claim by paying required fees

Structure of Gateway Examination

S.No Subject Mode of Exam Marks
1 Financial Reporting MCQs / MTQs 10
Short Questions 25
2 Audit Assurance & Ethics MCQs / MTQs 10
Short Questions 25
3 Business Organization MCQs / MTQs 10
Short Questions 20
Total 100

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