CCPT Challenge Exam

CCPT Challenge Exam

CCPT Challenge Examinations (CE) is introduced for the students who are not having the facility of PIPFA approved center in their city and are required to complete this mandatory training. However, students may complete their training from any approved ICAP RAETs, ICMA Pakistan Regional Campuses or W4/3 category universities or on self-preparation.

  • CCPT CE option will also be available in those cities where the facility of PIPFA training is available.
  • The students can opt the CCPT CE in lieu of CCPT Training from any approved center. If a student believes he/she does not need CCPT Training, he/she can appear in the CCPT CE on self-preparation basis.
  • CCPT Challenge Examinations (CE) will be open for all Corporate and Public Sectors students. However, Public Sector Students will be required to complete SAP/ACL Training to complete the Public Sector CCPT Syllabus requirements.
  • CCPT CE will be conducted in the PIPFA approved CBE Centers OR at any PIPFA Office.
  • CCPT CE will be available on quarterly basis as per schedule.
  • The duration of CCPT CE will be 2 hours and will be conducted online as per format of CBE.
  • The CCPT CE will comprise practical implication of MS Word, MS Excel & Financial Modeling, MS PowerPoint, MS Access and MCQ testing for Internet and ERP.
  • The Result of CCPT CE will be intimated through a letter to students on passing the CE along with certificate.
  • The CCPT CE Fee for first time appearance will be Rs. 5,000/-. Fees for re-appearing in any case will be Rs. 2,500 .

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