Index of Articles

Index of Articles

Accounting Profession and Corporate Social Responsibilities
2016 - By: Zulfiqar Ali, Ph.D, FPFA

Accountant in the era of Corporate Social Responsibility
2016 - By: Rashid Pervez, FPFA

The Implications of CSR for todays
2016 - By: Imran Umer Chhapra, APFA . Faculty of Management Sciences-SZABIST

Corporate Responsibility and The Accountancy Profession
2016 - By: Stathis Gould, Head of Professional Accountants in Business and Integrated Reporting, IFAC

Time to Act: The Accountancy Profession’s Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals
2016 - By: Stathis Gould, Head of Professional Accountants in Business and Integrated Reporting, IFAC and Alta Prinsloo, Executive Director, Strategy, and Chief Operating Officer, IFAC

Fiscal Impact of Tax Evasion
2016 - By: Syed Ali Ameer, APFA

Fiscal Discipline
2016 - By: Mr. Abdus Slam, APFA

Fairness in Taxation
2016 - By: Sania Ahsan Executive Mar-Com PIPFA

Laffer curve: The Relationship between Tax Rate and Tax Revenue
2016 - By: M. Faizan Anis Motiwala, APFA

The Role of Professional Accountants in the Proper Functioning of Taxation Systems
2016 - By: Russell Guthrie, Executive Director Professional Relations, and CFO, IFAC

Fraud Triangle and Red Flags in the context of Fraud Auditing and Forensic Accounting
2016 - By: Sammer Ahmad Additional Accountant General Punjab, Lahore

Importance of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), in relation to SAARC
2016 - By: Muhammad Saeedullah Yousafzai, FPFA

Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making
2016 - By: Arslan Nawaz, APFA

Educational Reforms
2016 - By Syed Moin Ahmed, APFA

Literate Pakistan – where we stand
2016 - By Hanif Ahmed, APFA

National Education Policies of Pakistan – A Critical View
2016 - By Ahmad Saad, APFA

Educational Reforms in Pakistan - Building for the Future
2016 - By Sania Ahsan M.Sc. (Economics) MS (Finance) Executive Mar-Com PIPFA

Importance of Educational Reforms
2016 - By Muhammad Noman, APFA

Regeneration of the Education Structure
2016 - By Maryam Hidayatallah, APFA

Why the Audit Profession Must Evolve or Die?
2016 - By Nick Jeffrey Director, Public Policy, at Grant Thornton

Human Resource Accounting
2012 - By Muhammad Faisal – APFA

How to Cope with Pressure to Lower Fees
2012 - Practice Management Tips for SMPs

Role of the Forensic Accountant/Auditor (FA) in the prevention and detection of Business fraud
2012 - By Majid Latif Bhatti, PIPFA Student

Sky Rocketing Oil Prices – a ‘Stealth Threat’ to Shipping Industry
2012 - By Shenila Shallwani – APFA

Resolving Complex revenue recognition issues in development companies of real estate
2012 - By Dev Anand, APFA

Whistle Blowing – An inside Bark
2012 - By Shabbir Ahmed Pasha, APA

Concept & Categories of Riba & the Rationale for its Prohibition in Islamic Economic Framework
2012 - By Muhammad Aqib Ali, APFA

The Standard for Today’s Compilation Engagements
2012 - By the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC). All rights reserved.

The Philosophy of Islamic Economic Paradigm
2012 - By Muhammad Mojlum Khan

Ways to Earn Passive Income
2012 - By: Muhammad Zubair Ikram, APFA

Internal Audit: Exposure is Disclosure
2012 - By: Rahim Zulfiqar Ali, PIPFA Student

Corporate Contributions: Altruistic and Profit Oriented
2012 - By: Amara Waheed, PIPFA Qualified

Asian Development Outlook
2012 - Source: Asian Development Outlook 2011 Update: Preparing for Demographic Transition

Economy - The Islamic Paradigm
2012 - By Muhammad Aqib Ali, APA

Transparency International’s corruption perception index 2011
2012 - By Prof. Dr. Khawaja Amjad Saeed

The resources which would never been used for Benefit
2012 - By Shabbir Ahmed Pasha, APA

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