SAP / ACL Training


SAP and ACL training is an integral part of CCPT which is mandatory for Public Sector

SAP (Fi)
Allocated Hours: 10
Proposed: Marks for CCPT challenge Exam: 10

To enhance the skill of participants in the operational use of SAP Main

Course Contents

  • Overview of SAP FI
  • Basic Components of Fi Module
  • Terminology used in SAP FI
  • Budgeting in SAP
  • Bill Punching, Processing, and Cheque Printing
  • Expenditure Tracking
  • Financial Reports in SAP

Allocated Hours: 10

To enable the participants to generate financial reports in SAP HR Module

Main Course Content

  • Overview of SAP HR
  • Basic component of HR Module
  • Payroll (Personal Actions, Hiring)
  • Payroll Processing Steps in SAP H.R.
  • Simulation & Error Removal from Sim
  • Payroll & Error Removal (Correction)
  • Wage Type Statements & Pre-Audit Checks (Stat Rep)
  • Reports for (Banks, DDO’s, Post Audit) & its Processing
  • Posting to Accounting (Simulation & Actual)
  • GPF Up-dation
  • GPF Off Cycle
  • Pension Roll
  • Reports prepared under SAP

Allocated Hours: 20
Proposed: Marks for CCPT challenge Exam: 20

Introduction to ACL

  • Advantages of CAAT to the auditor
  • Difficulties in using audit software
  • Salient features of ACL

Elements of ACL Project

  • Tables
  • Scripts
  • Logs
  • Workspaces
  • Folders
  • Data Analysis Guidelines for Acquiring Data Reporting

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