Examination Result Policy

Examination Results

Communication of Examination Results

  • The result of the examination in the form of a Result Card is communicated to each candidate’s student login.
  • The original Result Cards will be issued on request of student or payment of prescribed fee regarding result will be entertained within one month of the declaration of result of a session.
  • After expiry of one-month period no queries will be entertained regarding the result.

Passing Percentage

The passing percentage in the examination in each subject of all the levels is 50%.

Publication of Result

The list of successful students of each level examination is published on PIPFA‘s official website. Click here for previous results.

Failure of Candidates

  • Candidates, who have failed to qualify an examination, may reappear in any subsequent examination of the Institute.
  • The Institute does not enter into any correspondence with students as to the reasons of failure. However, re-totaling of examinees’ answer scripts shall be allowed on payment of Rs. 10,000/- per subject (refundable if the claim found genuine). The re-totaling process also includes checking of unmarked portion, if any. The Re-totaling does not involve the Re-checking of answer script/extra sheet. The answer scripts/extra sheets will not be shown to the candidate as a matter of policy.

Examination Result Code

The students will be communicated about their level of performance in their appearing paper through grading system in their Result Cards.

Grades Percentage Ranges
D 30-49 - Fail
E Below 30 – Bad Failure

Following codes are used to intimate the status of an examinee in Result Card;

Abbreviation Full Form
Ex Exemption granted on the basis of other qualifications
AB Absent
Pass Level/Subject Passed
Fail Level Failed
Qualified Passed all PIPFA Course of Studies
CP Conversion Pass

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