Exemption Claim

Pre-Evaluation of Exemption

Candidates can get their eligibility for exemption pre-evaluated before actual enrollment or registration with PIPFA.

For the purpose they should send all transcripts/marks-sheets of all parts of their qualifications to PIPFA Head Office. They should also submit details of course contents where the course coverage is not very explicit from the transcripts/marks-sheets. Pre-evaluation is suggested particularly in the cases of MBA/M.Com/BBA pass students.

Note: Pre-evaluation does not guarantee exemption.

Exemptions Claim

Students desiring to avail exemptions should file their exemption claim on the prescribed Exemption Form or its copy along with the fees and attested copies of Degree/Certificate and Transcript/Mark Sheet of the qualification on the basis of which exemption is sought.

Exemptions are allowed according to the policy enforce at the time of grant of exemption.

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