General Procedures

General Procedures

Roll Numbers

Admit Cards will be made available in the student login of the PIPFA website well before the date of commencement of the examination.

In case of any query of admit card must contact three days prior to the commencement of the examination to Director Examination, or Officer In-charge of respective examination center.

Change of Examination Centre

Candidates, whose applications have been accepted for a particular examination, may apply for change of their examination center, not later than 15th April for the May Examination, and not later than 15th October for the November Examination.

Electronic Calculators

  • Simple electronic calculators are permitted on the following conditions.
  • Candidates are strongly recommended to bring their own calculators in the examination. They will not be allowed to borrow from other examinees during the course of examination.
  • Calculators must be self – contained, fully portable and on silent operation.
  • Calculators must have their own power supply since the devices cannot be plugged into the main supply in the Examination hall.
  • Calculators must not have printout facilities.
  • Scientific calculators may be allowed subject to Examination Supervisor /Invigilator’s approval.

Paper Reading Time

15 minutes Paper Reading Time will be provided before the start of each examination paper and queries received within 15 minutes will be entertained for clarification otherwise students are advised to write their comments/reservations in their answer scripts. 10 minutes paper reading time will be given to Public Sector (AGP/CGA/PMAD/PG/PRAD etc) for subjective part of Theory and Practical each.

Open Book Examinations

Corporate Sector

Open Book Examinations are allowed only for Financial Reporting and Audit, Assurance and Ethics at Level – 4.

The examinees shall be allowed to bring the books mentioned against each paper on which the open book examination shall be applicable:

  1. Financial Reporting:                           International Financial Reporting Standards
  2. Audit, Assurance and Ethics:       International Auditing & Assurance Standards

Public Sector

The Open Book Examinations are available for Public Sector Application papers only. The books allowed for specified papers are mentioned under syllabi of each department.

Policies of Open Book Examinations (applicable to both Corporate and Public Sectors)

The policies for open books examinations are hereunder

  1. The students are required to bring their own books, allowed during examinations for reference purposes only.
  2. Examinees shall be allowed to bring the books mentioned against each paper on which the open book examination shall be applicable.
  3. Only the original books shall be permitted.
  4. Only the bound volume shall be allowed and the book should not be in the form of loose leaf. No photocopies, handwritten notes or typed pages shall be allowed.
  5. The allowed books should not contain any scribbling, notes, summaries inside and outside the books.
  6. The allowed books are meant for reference purpose only. No marks will be allocated for the exactly copied answers from the Reference Books.
  7. In case of any dispute regarding Open Book, argue with Examination Conduct Staff is not permissible. However, Examinees may send their complaints directly to the Director Examinations, in writing, immediately.
  8. Any violation of the above instructions shall be considered as "USE OF UNFAIR MEANS" and shall be penalized accordingly.

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Disclaimer-Open Book Examinations

PIPFA allows Open Book Exam for specific papers of Corporate and the Public Sector stream. In these Examinations, a student is allowed to bring books (specified and authorized by the concerned authorities) into the examination hall for reference purposes, only. The Allowed Books are limited to those identified by titles, printed in the Question Papers, only, and are mentioned in PIPFA syllabi for Corporate and Public Sector (AGP, CGA, PMAD, PG, PRAD, WAPDA & other Public Sector organizations).

An Open Book Examination is an assessment method designed to allow students to refer to specified books for a particular paper. The Question Paper with Open Book method requires students to apply their knowledge through analysis, critical thinking, reasoning and quoting correct references. It has been observed that the students presume that they will be able to find all the answers in the allowed books during an examination which is misleading on their part.

It is clarified that the questions in open book exams are devised to assess the concepts, interpretations, applications of knowledge and analytical thinking skills of the examinees. The students are evaluated on understanding rather than memorization or reproducing the text from books. In an Open Book Examination, the students are required;

  • To apply critical reasoning skills in response to a given scenario.
  • To apply and make use of the information from Allowed Books rather than simply locating and re- writing the information.
  • To apply material to new situations.

The students should not underestimate the importance of preparation needed for an open book exam. They need to prepare themselves how to quickly find the correct reference and its interpretation and usage in the light of given scenario according to requirements of the question.

The students are expected to provide their own commentary on the information for demonstrating their concept and approach towards what they have been asked.

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