The students registered for PIPFA certification, from winter 2020 onward under PIPFA revised Corporate Sector Syllabus, on the basis of Intermediate / A-Level or two years bachelors qualification will be required to mandatorily undertake course on PSTC parallel to Course of Study.

Presentation Skills and Technical Competency (PSTC) Course

Duration of the Course:      60 Hours
Venue of the Course:      PIPFA Centers located at Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad & Faisalabad

Learning outcomes of the Course:

Particulars Weightage
1. Intellectual
Demonstrate openness and objectivity in giving and receiving feedback 10
2. Interpersonal and communication
Present information in written and numeric form clearly. Depict awareness of clear communication 20
Demonstrate listening skills and understand given instruction 10
3. Professional skepticism and professional judgment
Probe and question the relevant facts 10
4. Essay writing on topics generally known 20
5. Meaningful and effective précis writing 10
6. Short business report/letter writing on a well explained scenario 20
Total 100


Scheme Numbers Hours
*Classroom lectures on presentation, group discussion and writing skill and practice 5 10
Formal presentations before a group:
  • Attended
  • Presented
  • Facilitators feedback on presentations


Group Discussion on pre-seen and well-prepared topics 4 10
*Essay writing on unseen topics 3 4.0
*precis writing 4 4.0
*write business letter on a well explained
*write short business report on a well explained scenario
*Feedback of trainer on essay, précis, letters and short business reports written by students 5.0

PSTC Policy

The Presentation Skills and Technical Competence (PSTC) Course is mandatory for the students of PIPFA, which will be considered as a compulsory assessment for the students, both at the part of PIPFACenters and the Examination Department.

Under PSTC policy;

  • A complete course of 60 hours will be conducted before appearing in Level-4 examinations
  • The students appearing in Level-4 will be mandatorily require to submit PSTC Certificate along with the examination form for ascertaining their eligibility for Final level (Level-4) appearance.
  • PIPFA shall conduct a writing skills Test of 1 hour 30 minutes duration that shall carry 50 marks. Passing of the Test shall be the condition for issuance of Course Completion Certificate by the Examination Department.
  • The PSTC fee will be charged equivalent to Level-3 per subject Coaching Fee.

PSTC Assessment

The following guidelines will be observed for the purpose of assessment of PSTC Course by PIPFA;

  • Test of 1 hour and 30 minutes will be conducted
  • Test will be divided into 3 sections, namely
       Essay writing    -    20 marks
       Precis writing    -    10 marks
       Business writing    -    20 marks
       Total    50 marks
  • Passing ratio will be 50% for the PSTC assessment.
  • Examination fees will be Rs. 1,750.
  • Examination will be conducted at the PIPFA Regional Offices (Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad & Faisalabad) or through Online Mode.
  • Frequency of the examination will be on bi-annual basis.
  • In case of failure, students can re-appear the PSTC Test without any restriction of number of attempts.

PSTC Exemption on the basis of other qualifications

The following shall be exempt from the PSTC Course;

  • Students with a four-year bachelors’ degree (in any discipline).
  • Students with a two-year Master’s degree with three-year / two-year bachelors’ degree (in any discipline).
  • Students holding ACCA / ICAP / ICMAP qualification plus any other academic qualification.
  • Students having ICAP & ICMAP CAF/Module-D/Intermediate/ICMAP Stage-4 or equivalent qualification.
  • Students having ACCA Affiliate Certificate
  • PIPFA Students registered prior to session Winter 2020.

(Note: Students who subsequently complete any additional qualification as mentioned above before appearing for Level-4 Examinations would become eligible for exemption in the PSTC course).

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