Benefits For Members

IFAC Membership

PIPFA is a full member body of IFAC and has attained a global recognition, for imparting professional qualification in the field of accountancy.

Benefits For Members

PIPFA members avail different benefits offered by other institutes and organization for PIPFA membership.

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Associate Fellow

On Board

In order to contribute to the development and progression of PIPFA, PIPFA members may also participate in management through regional Branch Committees and at the Board of Governors level.

Job Opportunities

PIPFA membership department endeavors to keep in contact with Corporate and Public Sector Entities and employers in order to cater for need of Professionals. This enables us to provide timely updates of Job Opportunities to its members and Training Opportunities for its students.


PIPFA members enjoy reciprocal exemptions of various local and foreign Professional Accounting organizations including ICAP, ICMAP, ACCA, CIMA UK, CIPFA and SOCPA. PIPFA is continuously striving for more mutual recognitions that will further broaden the exemptions and pathway for its members and vice versa

Professional Networking

PIPFA membership provides an excellent networking not only with other members of PIPFA, but also with other Professional Accounting Organizations through CPDs and events.

CPD Activities

CPD activities including, seminars, webinars, workshops, courses, trainings and panel discussions on latest Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, Corporate Laws, Financial Management and IT developments and trends not only keep the members updated but also enable to meet Statutory CPD requirements with PIPFA and other Professional Accounting Organizations.

Access to PIPFA Journal

Access to PIPFA Journals abreast the members about various emerging issues of the profession, latest technical updates, accounting news and CPD activities.

Exclusive Discounts

For the benefit of its members, PIPFA has entered into various MOUs with not only educational institutions but with various commercial organizations that provide Exclusive discounts to our members.

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