CPD Requirement

CPD Requirement

Every member is required to:

  • Complete at least 120 hours or equivalent learning units of relevant professional development activity in each rolling three year period, of which 60 hours or equivalent learning units should be verifiable.
  • Complete at least 20 hours or equivalent learning units in each year.
  • Track and measure learning activities to meet the above requirements.

Explanation: “Rolling Periods” under this policy will be periods of three year each, of which first commences from July 1, 2017:

  • For those who are members as on June 30, 2017 the first rolling period starts on July 1, 2017 and completes on June 30, 2020.
  • On 1st July, 2017 the short fall in the CPD account maintained at the Institute shall be deemed zero.
  • The excess hours as at June 30, 2017 shall be carried forward to the rolling period commencing on 1st July, 2017.
  • For all other members, proportionate rolling period will commence on first day of the month following the date of admission of a member and will complete on its scheduled date explained in this paragraph. The CPD requirement will be prorated on the basis of 120 hours for three year period.
  • The excess of CPD hours of one year may be carried forward to the next year within a rolling period only. At the end of a rolling period the excess hours shall be nullified, however, the members will be required to complete their shortfall hours to avoid any sanctions, as prescribed by the BOG.

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