Message for Students

Message for Students

PIPFA, student success is our top priority, we believe that our students achieve their goals through high quality programs, faculty and resources.

Since 1993 PIPFA is committed in ensuring that students have the skills and background they require for gainful employment in today's financial market. PIPFA offers a comprehensive curriculum which introduces the relevant subjects into learning. Role and domain focused teaching and grooming of the future managers shapes them to be deployable from day one. Corporate & Public streams are open for private sector students and government employees respectively. Faculty selection is based upon educational experience, background and accomplishments.

PIPFA aims in strengthening the professionalism of students by helping them to acquire the knowledge and skills they need in their chosen career to succeed. Over the years the PIPFA has groomed into respectable size and reputable institution providing quality education and training in the field of accountancy. Our members and students are serving both in corporate and in public sectors. PIPFA provides top quality education which fully commensurate with the demands of present era of perfection, specialization and professionalism. PIPFA has accomplished much over the years but there is still much more to do and we continuously strive through this endless journey with a thirst of excellence and perfection.

After qualifying examinations and getting membership, one can join the elite society of professional accountants.

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