Exemption Policy

General Rules

The students, who have passed Bachelor's or Master's examinations from a HEC recognized institute/university or part qualified from ICAP, ICMAP, CIMA-UK and ACCA-UK etc, are eligible to apply for exemption according to the schedule of exemptions.

  1. Requested subject(s) should cover at least 70% course outline(s) of the Institute subject(s) in which exemption is sought. Exemption is granted on the basis of completed academic qualification. Those having passed only part(s) of various qualifications will not be allowed any exemption from any subject of the course. Details of papers exempted for members of professional accounting bodies and holders of other qualifications are given in the schedule of exemptions.
  2. The exemption on the basis of bachelor and master degree will be granted to those students only who have obtained at least 45% marks and 50% marks in Annual Program respectively or at least 2.5 GPA in Masters and 2.0 GPA in Bachelors (Semester System) in the subject on the basis of which exemption is applied for. The cases of Failure Condoned in the subject in which exemption is applied for will not be entertained in any case.
  3. The exemptions from any subject of PIPFA syllabus are available only on studying and passing the corresponding course in the qualification on the basis of which exemption is being claimed.Exemption in multiple subjects of PIPFA Course of Study will not be granted against one course of academic or professional Qualification.
  4. The courses of academic qualifications graded in GPA format (in Semester System) against which the exemption is being claimed must be of at-least 3 Credit Hours. Courses less than 3 credit hours shall not be considered for exemptions.
  5. If the corresponding courses of academic qualifications in annual setup is graded in maximum marks less than 100 only, mathematical scaling will be done for calculation of marks obtained out of hundred.
  6. In case both GPA and marks are provided in a transcript, only GPA shall be considered.
  7. Under every scenario of GPA calculation or scaling of obtained marks, the predetermined exemption policies shall prevail.
  8. The students of ICAP, ICMAP and IFAC recognized member accounting bodies, who pass the corresponding papers in whole course of study of their respective body will be entertained for PIPFA Membership through exemption route by availing paper to paper basis exemption in all prescribed subjects of PIPFA Course of Study. Such students will be required to complete all pre-requisites of exemptions before applying for PIPFA membership.

Award of Exemption

The students, who meet the requirements of exemption policy as mentioned in exemption schedule, will be granted exemption in the relevant subject(s) and the status of such students will be updated on Student Portal and incorporated in following session's Result Cards.

Document(s) Attestation (for the purpose of exemptions)

  • Only the exemption forms with complete documents will be accepted.
  • The student will provide HEC attested documents required for the purpose of getting exemptions at the time of applying for exemption. The original attestation by HEC on the original documents (required for the exemption) will be verified by the Center In-charges/Member PIPFA (Active Member) before sending to the Exemption Officer. The remote area students will also produce their HEC attested documents in original, duly attested by Member PIPFA (Active Member).The institute reserves the right to verify the degree or transcript at any time directly.
  • The exemptions cases finalized by February 28th for Summer session and August 28th for Winter session will be considered for examination results of that session otherwise all deficient cases will be forwarded and considered for next session.
  • If a deficiency case is entertained on provisional basis due to any specific reason, will be dealt under the case prevailing exemption policy of current year subject to all pre-requisites fulfilment.

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