Examination Policy


To maintain high standard of examinations, the control is centralized through the Corporate Office situated in Karachi. This also facilitates in keeping uniformity in the quality of education at all centers.

Examinations are conducted twice a year in the months of May and November. Applications for examination are to be submitted by the candidates on the prescribed form, which may be obtained from any Centre of the Institute, from 18th February to 8th March for the May Examination and from 18th August to 8th September for the November Examination. Applications providing complete details should be sent so as to reach the Centre of the Institute on or before the prescribed date.

Applications for examination are to be accepted only if all the requirements, including payment of all dues, have been met. Students are allowed to appear in only one sector (Corporate, Public & Punjab Govt. Sector) examinations at a time after paying outstanding dues, including annual subscription along with examination fee, through pay order/ demand draft/ deposit slip.

The students, who are enrolled under the Coaching Course Program in a particular session, must have at least 70% attendance of lectures in the class, passed one of the two Mock class tests and appeared in class presentations.

If a student fails to qualify PIPFA Examination in full within 10 years from the date of 1st registration will be required to re-register and pay the registration fee.


  • Examination Progression Scheme
  • Students who are newly registered in a session and are taking coaching classes from any PIPFA owned/approved coaching center cannot appear in the Quarterly CBE (February & August) of that session.
  • Students who are newly registered in a session from remote area can apply for coaching exemption only after two and half months from last date of registration of that session and after approval can appear in regular CBE examination (May & November). They are not allowed to appear in Quarterly CBE (February & August).
  • Students registered in any previous session and have taken coaching classes with 70% attendance from any PIPFA owned/approved coaching center or have got coaching exemption in that session can appear in Quarterly CBE (February & August) in the succeeding session.
  • The student can appear in any level, subject to a maximum of 5 papers in Corporate Sector stream and in 6 papers in Public Sector stream in one sitting excluding exempted papers.
  • Students registered on the basis of Intermediate/A-Level/Bachelors qualification or equivalent will be required to complete mandatory 60 hours PSTC Training and pass its exam before appearing in Level-4 Examinations.

Issuance of Certificates

  • Certificates of various levels will be awarded to the students on passing levels or qualifying PIPFA examinations as per following nomenclature.
  • Level 1 & 2 - Diploma in Accounting & Finance
  • Level 3 & 4 - Affiliate Certificate

Model Solution

  • Model solutions are posted on official website of the Institute. In order to pass the examination of any Level, within the specified period, it is necessary that the students must work hard and equip themselves with the requisite knowledge of the subject. Consistent hard work will enable them to develop self-confidence and self-reliance.
  • The Model Solutions are provided to the students for clear understanding of relevant subject and it helps them to be prepared for their examinations in organized way. The solutions are not meant for assignment criteria in the same term mentioned in the Model Solution. The student should use these Model Solutions as a study aid. These solutions will not be updated with changes in laws or standards, subsequently. The laws standards and syllabus of the relevant time would be applicable.


The students are informed that;

  • The Model Solutions have been developed by the professionals, based on standards, laws, rules, regulations, theories and practices as applicable on the date of that particular examination.
  • No subsequent change will be applicable on the past papers solutions.
  • PIPFA is not liable in any way for an answer being solved in some other way or otherwise of the Model Solution nor would it carry out any correspondence in this regard.
  • PIPFA does not take responsibility for any deviation of views, opinion or solution suggested by any other person or faculty or stake holders.
  • PIPFA assumes no responsibility for the errors or omissions in the suggested answers. Errors or omissions, if noticed, should be brought to the notice of the Executive Director for information.
  • PIPFA is not supposed to respond to individual queries from students or any other person regarding the Model Solutions.

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