Credit Hours Measurement

Measurement of CPD Credit Hours

The CPD credit hours will be measured as follows:

S# Activity Evidence to be kept CPD Credit Hours
a. Participation in short courses, seminars, conferences, lectures and trainings. Certificates of attendance/course contents in case it is a non-PIPFA. Actual classroom time. For a full day session a credit of 8 hours and for a half- day session 4 hours.
b. Completing degree courses and studying relevant professional certifications. Degree/ Certification Professional Qualifications:


5 times of the examination hours or 40 hours, whichever is lower, in a CPD year.

Degree Courses:

As accredited by the HEC approved or Foreign Institute/ University. For example;

3 credit hours course will be measured, 3 hours long for relevant subjects only. However, the maximum CPD hours that can be given under this head shall be 40 hours for a year.

c. Relevant research paper/article (at least 4000 words) published in a peer reviewed journal including PIPFA’s publication. Original copy of the journal/ publication. 8 hours Should not exceed more than 24 hours per annum.
d. Contributing article/ review or any other relevant material including material in PIPFA’s, or other, local or international publications. Original copy of the publication. 4 hours Should not exceed maximum of 8 hours per year.
e. Employer-Based In-House Training Sessions. Certification Actual time consumed by the course /training.
f. Presenter, participant or session chairman in short courses, seminars, conferences, trainings and media including interviews in print media. To be declared on the Reporting Form. Twice the actual time of the presentation.
g. Teaching relevant professional or degree courses. To be declared on the Reporting Form. One and half the actual time of the session subject to maximum of 20 hours per annum.
h. Participation in BOG, committees, working groups of PIPFA and other regulatory bodies. To be declared on the Reporting Form. Actual time of the meeting.
i. Writing of books on professional interest, technical and reference manuals including study pack. Copy of the publication. 1 hour per page of technical content. Maximum 40 hours per release.
j. Watching videos/CDs of the PIPFA/ICAP/ICMAP CPD programmes by a particular geographical area(s) where there is no Branch Committee of the Institute. However, CPD hours in respect of the above activity are restricted to a maximum of 20 hours in a year. Further, places where there are established Branch Committees, CPD hours in respect of the above activity are restricted to a maximum of 10 hours in a year. Members are encouraged to obtain prior approval from the CPD & PC Committee.

Attendance/topic(s) to be communicated to the CPD & PC within 2 weeks of watching such programme.

Half of the actual duration.

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