A Full Member Body

Affiliation With IFAC

We are the global voice for the accountancy profession. We serve the public interest through advocacy, development, and support good governance, robust financial information and transparency. This includes the implementation and updates of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS), throughout our continuing professional development programs and exams.

Our Vision

To be a premier professional body that develops distinguished public finance accountants for the corporate and public sectors

Our Mission

To contribute towards continuous development, enhancement and strengthening of the field of accountancy, public finance and audit to support economic growth in the country

Our Core Values

Professional Excellence, Integrity, Good governance, Transparency, Accountability, Innovation & Objectivity

Technical Services

The technical services department of the institute plays a very important role in fulfilling its role as an active and compliant member of IFAC by ensuring compliance to Membership obligations.

Gateway Examination Program

PIPFA has launched Gateway Examination for ICAP and ICMAP students passed up to CA Inter/Module D/CAF & ICMAP ML + passing of Business Taxation (SL1) or equivalent. Passing of this Gateway will result in direct PIPFA Qualification and eligibility for PIPFA Membership subject to fulfilling its pre-requisites.

Presentation Skills and Technical Competence - PSTC

The students registered for PIPFA certification, from winter 2020 onward under PIPFA revised Corporate Sector Syllabus, on the basis of Intermediate / A-Level or two years bachelors qualification will be required to mandatorily undertake course on PSTC parallel to Course of Study

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Computer Competency Practical Training - CCPT

Students scoring below mentioned percentages in each category will be required to appear and pass Pre – Entry Proficiency Test (PPT) for PIPFA Admission.

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SAP & ACL Training

This certificate will be treated as the integral part of CCPT Certificate. The student is required to provide the 80 Credit Hours Certificate completed from any PIPFA approved CCPT Center for the purpose of issuance of Result Card / Affiliate Certificate / Departmental Result.

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Upcoming Events

Members and students are encorage to participate in our Online and Physical Events and Training Program


Guidelines for submission of articles for PIPFA journal
Members and students are required to follow our guidelines while submitting articles
for PIPFA Journal

Start your career in accounting & finance with PIPFA

The Institute is committed to regulate the education. We provide quality education in the field of Public Accounting for Private & Public Sectors

Corporate Public

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Webinar Conference

CPD & Training

The Publication & Seminar Committee (P&SC) will have the responsibility for the establishment of policy and overall coordination of CPD activities for its members in Pakistan and abroad.

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